Welcome Message By the Cyprus Criminology Society (CCS) President

Criminology is one of the Criminal Sciences that concerns itself with both the study of the nature, extent, causes and control of crime and criminal behavior as well as  the criminal justice system. It is a multidisciplinary science that has the criminal phenomenon at its epicentre.

The Cyprus Criminology Society (CCS) comprises a group of people who work in the broad discipline of Criminology, and who decided to establish the CCS with the main purpose of promoting this science on the beautiful island of Aphrodite and internationally in collaboration with similar societies abroad. The wide range of interesting themes encompassed by the criminal phenomenon guarantees its diachronic relevance and the vital importance of Criminology in modern society.

Placing offenders, victims and the entire criminal justice system (Criminal Law, police, prosecution, courts, prisons and those services implementing court orders) under its microscope, the Cyprus Society of Criminology aims, inter alia, to raise the standard of the public debate, in research, prevention, proposals for law reform and to organize and participate in seminars / conferences and contribute to the work of specialized committees. A main goal of the Society is also to promote the utilization of criminologists as a profession in Cyprus.

I welcome you to the website of the Cyprus Society of Criminology and invite you to join forces for a better criminal justice system in Cyprus and not only.

In our pages you will find, among others, information about registration of members, the mission of the Association, the Members of the Board, the Society’s  Code of Ethics, information on the Cyprus Criminal Justice System, various announcements and a communication link with the secretariat. Enjoy your exploration on the website of our Association and hope you will  find it both interesting and useful.


Andreas Kapardis, Ph.D in Criminology (Cambridge)

President of  the Cyprus Society of Criminology

Professor, Head of Department of Law, University of Cyprus

Visiting Professor in Criminology, Cambridge University

Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge University

Elected Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts